Style means motivate, inspire, support

the disruptive element 

the disruptive element 

It’s that constant idea that on Instagram and on social media you must be cool at all costs, because that coolness is supposed to bring you thousands and hundreds of thousands of followers.

But what if it doesn’t happen?

Are you a failure? Or not cool?

Does having thousands of followers make you someone, the IT girl, an influencer, does it give you the title of “blogger”?

another disruptive element

another disruptive element

Style is the asset that makes you stand out in an ocean of sponsored #OOTD Style is made by many variables and it allows for free interpretation, free falling, moody and rainy days, occasions. An outfit is never the same on the same person, something always changes, so how can an outfit of the day paid for the company wanting to promote the brand and expand its reach, be inspiring if the person wearing it hasn’t chosen it?

It’s not that there are no icons of style, we have plenty and everyone has her or his own idols, they are unique, remarkable, irreplaceable, encouraging, inspiring and motivating.

There’s never an absolute truth, there are exceptions to the blogger/influencer wagon, for my taste they account to a handful, and I am wishing to feature them in the style + substance series to support this process of empowerment for whom is like me and doesn’t want to copy, buy cheap and dispose.

It’s evident I didn’t become a big ass influencer or a viral blogger, no YouTube channel, I am opinionated and unapologetic, in other words a pain who wrote a book. Yet, after publishing the book and using thousands of words altogether I said it all.

Style has nothing to do with the realm of followers and the culture of fast fashion where everything is elusive and disposable. With a closetful of curated items, that you love, mend, fix, care for, the switch will happen and you will not be willing to follow trends and look like someone else.

Had I use one picture? I rarely look at the lens and it's not snobbery, it's that I never point the attention on me.