An Italian émigrée in Miami Beach



My name is Francesca Belluomini and I am a Fashion writer, author and style savant.

It' s my mission to assist ingenious women, busy moms and entrepreneurs, to look sustainable chic, feel confident and empowered by adopting the Italian way.  

All you need  to let Italian style become your best kept secret is

YOU and a cheery disposition.

Style - all who have it share one thing: originality
— Diana Vreeland



Have you ever found yourself facing your closet in war mode, with that feeling of despair: “I never find what I need”

Or how about: “I’m late for school runs, I’ll just wear sweatpants"

I am no stranger to those thoughts. 

I faced them, overcome them and created a system that will wipe those feelings out in 10 steps. Want to know how? 

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As women we all go through chamaleonic phases of adapting to new lifestyles with the consequent frustration of not knowing how to reconcile them with limited resources, no time to think, consult, assess or adapt.

Recognizing when it’s time to receive compliments for always being chic and sophisticated will begin to resonate as comforting.

Your style appreciated: what's not to love? Opening the closet, putting things together with little effort, mostly ending up feeling overdressed, but happy for just being you is something that most women don’t even have the courage to say loud it’s in their bucket list.

Which woman wouldn't want that?

In the book I captured the essence, extract the rules and give everyone the tools to achieve those same results.

Here's a teaser of what you'll discover for yourself:

  • the simple things are your number one form of sophistication,

  • indulge in exquisite food,

  • travel with curiosity,

  • soak-up in culture and knowledge like a lizard under the sun,

  • embrace imperfections,

  • use make-up only when needed, the rest leave it to self-care

  • curate your wardrobe

  • don't forget, above all, humor

Do they all resonate like an imaginary lifestyle board?

Those are just the surface of what the Italian way is, or like Sophia Loren put it with wit

Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti.

I too wake up every morning with that drive to feel empowered and confident and wear what makes me so, with the freedom of choosing who I want to be that day.

See? Italian style is meant to be enjoyed, like one of those Mediterranean sunsets and savored like morning coffee. 


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  3. RESULTS: A lifestyle sustainable chic af. All you need is set yourself free to enjoy the ride. 




With some tweaks and the 10 rules to dress the Italian way, you will reconcile your feelings with your wardrobe and reconquer the zest to reinvent your outfits according to the mood of the day.

If you have read so far and I haven't bored you, I may have touched a cord.

I want you to know there is no perfection, which is the best part of this Italian way I am talking about. Also, it isn’t a guide, it’s just an inspirational attempt at opening perspectives and tweaking old habits that ma potentially change your life.

I don't take myself too seriously, I love what I do, enjoy every bit of it and infuse it with a great dose of humor and passion, I am naturally quick-witted and unapologetic.

Can't wait t hear from you!

  They are saying of me ...

Her style is where florentine Renaissance meets Miami Beach beats. You can’t duplicate it, but sticking around her, you can do it.
— Nancy. G.
Francesca exemplifies a unique blend of old world flare and modern/avant-garde styles which exude elegance, confidence, boyish simplicity and femininity all at once.
— Maria Fernanda P.

My Biography

"A moment cannot be mass produced"

My name is Francesca Belluomini and I was born in Viareggio, Italy in the bucolic region of Tuscany famous for Florence, where Marquis Emilio Pucci and Guccio Gucci were born.

Cec is my college sophomore daughter and Petunia our dachshund. I have lived in Miami Beach for almost two decades and from here I tell it my way, an Edna Mode way of exploring what Oscar Wilde said masterfully

You can never be overdressed or overducated.

I am passionate about Fashion, taste is my religion, I believe in espressos. But if you want to get me, white truffles and Diana Vreeland would do.

The prevailing memory of my youth in Tuscany is that of my grandmother’s enchanting armoire filled with evening gowns, costume jewelry and hats. It was my rabbit hole to wonderland - I spent countless hours dressing up for imaginary occasions, forming the foundation of unpretentious taste and effortless chic that pervade the Italian way . 

As I nomadically traveled the world, I continued to find joy in mixing everyday fashion, local market finds with those sartorial staple pieces that accompanied me everywhere. Indeed, having lived in cities where fashion happens, like Milan and London, has forged my knack for living the Italian way  

I believe that “a noteworthy moment cannot be mass-produced”, which is why styling takes place in an almost ritualistic, detailed manner.

My book, The Cheat-Sheet of Italian Style is a 10-step manual on how to wear your wardrobe the Italian way, where confidence and sustainable chic are the main ingredients.