I think I found what I want to do with all this sustainability.


The word is used so much that if you don’t stop and think when and how you use it, it becomes meaningless like amazing that from being amazing it became an artifice when someone doesn’t really know what to say and blurts it out to fill a space or a silence. A miserable destiny that we cannot afford.

How I do contribute to a sustainable world? It’s the 1 mill $ question that paralyzes many because it seems insurmountable. A sustainable business, a sustainable world, the UN has defined 17 goals, it’s a kaleidoscope. If you look at it as a puzzle, adopt a technique and follow the plan. It’s a lifestyle, some changes are minimal, some consist of more efforts. Somewhere you must start from and the answer is: it starts from one or it won’t never become collective.

Is production what your business is about? Labor laws, gender equality, innovation you have plenty

Are you a designer? There you go, from blockchain to sourcing, from carbon footprint to climate change to pollution to water usage.

I am a writer, possibly a professor soon, so how can I contribute to making the fashion world more sustainable? Story telling is my best bet, it comes natural. While I am working on The Sustainable Chic Manifesto there are 2 statements that I aspire to make collide:

sustainable is already built in luxury + Fashion is an essential element of being human

As a result, if we try to conduct a sustainable chic life, one person at a time, the world will become a better place.

And here are some inspirational images that represent freedom, luxury, moods, elegance to give you an idea where we will be going with these files.

There are also gossip and BS to throw in the equation, it’s not all violets and roses, you’ll find in the naysayers your major strength. Those who say “it’s useless” “I don’t believe in it” “You are wasting your time” will come around asking you how you did it when you are so ahead of the game. So here a mood-board, because, honestly, life’s too short and you have to laugh. I also suggest following Fuckology and Gary Janetti on Instagram, they’ll liberate your instincts once a day.

1- “I miss you but you can very well go fuck yourself”

2- May this be your morning call.

3- wear silk undies, and not giving a f&*k will never be more chic