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#theitalianway september challenge

This is the beginning of my new collaboration with my friends Isabella and Luisa at

Most of you guys know already, I have had a column for over a year with the magazine (how so Carrie Bradshaw of me!), and that our friendship was born on Instagram.

Starting this month, I will post the English version and the Italian version is HERE.

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Back to shool or to work is a killer, when you still feel the sand through your toes and smell the lavender from al fresco dinners.

Living in a place where it’s almost always summer, where the seasons are blurred unless you scrutinize the morning sky, how golden is the sun at noon, the color of the bay at sunrise or the sunsets becoming more and more pink, doesn’t make it easier.

I know that I can come across ungrateful, “try and handle a whole month of rains in November” you say, but I have my own reasons and after I have explained them, you’ll agree.

That the temperatures don’t plunge below 70 degrees means heavenly winters and hellish summers embellished with that greenhouse humidity and the yearly list of potential hurricanes. Btw, this season we have only had one hurricane scare, however there’s time until the end of November.

1.        Think for a moment looking at the same clothing in the closet for 12 consecutive months and on again: it produces already some sort of axfissiation.

2.        All those runways we have devoured 6 months ago, now are populating magazines, billboards and stores. The colors, the forms, the silhouettes are manifesting and one should either stay behind or give in into the trap of compulsive maniacal fast-fashion buying.

3.        The equivalent of “no white after Labor Day” in Italy is “no whites before Palm Sunday”, still there’s white and white, each season has its own.

4.        Linen and muslim we know they are not to be used in the winter, but not everybody ahs ever experienced winter like we do. Down in the Southern Riviera you say winter and you may encounter people that look at you like they would a six-headed dog. I leave the rest to the imagination.


Confused panorama, at least for an Italian, but after almost two decades of Miami Beach veteran-ship, tribulations and trial and errors, I reached a compromise that reconciles the current fashion season with the weather, with the habits and the principles of slow-fashion.


Switching wardrobes, it’s useless negating the evidence, is painful unless you transform the 3-day marathon in a ‘closet party’ in which your garbage becomes somebody else’s treasure.  Take advantage of an upside down house and closets and instead of fixing it forguests to arrive, open a bottle of prosecco and a few figs with prosciutto and go through the process of elimination.

1.        Summer or winter it doesn’t matter, whether you clean up the wardrobe that you are retiring or the one you are pulling out, let the clean-up begin. This first phase, when you let your close friends and sister and daughter dig in, reinforces friendships, family ties, keeps the circle within the family (hand me down anyone?), it frees space and let good energies flow.  

2.        The second phase after this liberating depuration, is making your wardrobe a source of income, monetize. Take designer pieces and the best ones that survived the first purge to the consignment store or vintage market, sell on Ebay.

3.        Third phase is donations: school, foudations, centers, parish, Salvation Army or Goodwill and feel blessed to be able to help someone.

4.        Final result, those garments that spent six months in lethargy become alive again, a little Night at the Museum style, they give a breath of fresh air to a dull closet. They will look beautiful again, they are all lined up like kids the first day of summer camp and now you can really get organized for a mindful shopping trip.


All the beautiful things above with a lot of minor details, make of Italian style of managing one’s wardrobe the ultimate winner: random acts of kindness, mingle with the community, recycling, upcycling, opening infinite possibilities to an otherwise dormant blazer, you excitedly reinvent a new wardrobe even with the clothing from last year, pinpoint the gaps or where you need to refurbish with new elements or accessories to come up a modern and current look.  

Your mind will be projected toward investing instead of buying without criteria, pushed and pulled by the smoking mirrors of fast-fashion like McDonald’s fries.

Are you ready to pop that prosecco?