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5 reasons to be addicted to a summer in the city


 ‘I  love the fact that you brought Shakespeare with you and no clothes. Ermelinda says you wash the same shirt out every night. Is that true? … She can do that stuff for you.’

says rich, spoiled, decadent Dickie while in Capri in The Talented Mr. Ripley a movie that always puts me in total summer mood.

I want to wear all Gwyneth dresses, sandals, posh cardigans, and set sail in that boat with Jude Law in my imaginary summer in the Golfo dei Poeti, northern than Capri, but still one of world’s wonders in the Mediterranean sea.


I have been talking about essentialism just this past week when referring to one’s closet. I have done my homework and applied the concept one word at a time while unfolding my summer wardrobe and retiring the winter’s.

I killed my darlings and recreated a “no clutter with a meaning” condition. The meaning was: no excuses, something like “I will lose weight”, “I bought this when …”. When in doubt I have used the same question I use with my daughter when she rolls her eyelashes like Bambi to tell me in order that she loves me and that her shopping cart has 15 items: “show me three different outfits”.

Three piles of hand-me-down clothing after, there it was a clear sense of where I am going.

I felt lifted from the drag of shuttling things back and forth to the storage without a purpose, generous as my own garbage will be another one’s treasure and in gratitude for having detached from a most basic form of attachment.

How do you feel after cleaning up your closet?

 the ideal Italian summer in the city eating ice cream al fresco outfit 

the ideal Italian summer in the city eating ice cream al fresco outfit 

And now I am ready for a summer in the city and found what elements we should all incorporate in the closet to make our outfits current, styled, nonchalant, not too stuffy, not too casual, with the right weight of elan and a little spice of sexiness.

The skirt 


I just feel that languor of a mid-length skirt that hugs the body, leaves room to strut, go up and down the tram (in Milan) and the car and still be feel feminine with that touch of comfort whether you are a heels or a flats girl. 

The blazer 

You know that blazer that you pull out season after season, stands with the dignity of a Navy uniform in the closet and fits immaculate because  

It’s not about retro or modern, it’s more about if it’s well done and it looks good
— Blaze'

You know that piece that is like that one friend you have that you can take at any event, frivolous or boringly academic and he always has the right conversation? That all you need is a blazer is their tagline and THE blazer to look at is Blaze’ 

The perfect dress 

I have one in mind, the Ballerina dress by Marianna Cimini, I have said it starting from last year and it will have to be mine this season.

In crisp cotton white or black, Vichy checkers or stripes, short enough to be appropriate with flat soles and with strappy heeled sandals.  


To say it with Diana Vreeland:

By flat sole I mean the sole that is heeless sole that creates a walk that is exactly like being barefoot
— Memos, Diana Vreeland

Do you know those “exquisite shoes […] made to walk […] nakedly in the street” of Capri like Jackie and Lee Radziwill.  With that said, my teen-ager love at first sight for the summer are the sandals by Alvaro Gonzalez 

Check it out and just please tell me you want them as badly in your closet as I do. 


It feels so Chanel and Deuville and Wallis Simpson all together.

I discovered these by Leontine Vintage with PLV Milano, a mix of flair for vintage haberdashery with a modern gipsy feel that turns out to be feminine, gamine, understated, chic.

The love collection comes personalized with a tassel and a gram of love ... check this out for more 


I barely talk about beauty routine because mine lasts the minute and a half of a red traffic light.

In the summer I used to think that no make-up was needed thanks to the glowing healthy rosy cheeks and the golden suntan. My eyelashes were thick and long and prosperous that they didn’t need mascara (my most dreaded element of the nightly wash-your-face routine).

Now with a few wisdom years on my shoulders, I still put make up at the traffic light or down/up the elevator, because that is what Italian women do.

We are never late … because of the restauration progress, we are late because whatever we decided to wear needs ironing, the shoes are not polished or that clutch was riposta in the other season’s armoire.

My best friends this season is Beauty For Real’s cheek tint & luminizer  by beauty maven Leslie Musnell.

It works wonders and it does everything that you want it to do plus smelling delicious like a vanilla infused pastry shop.

It inconspicuously hides those expression lines on the sides of the eyes, rises the cheekbones, and makes people tell you “you look great” even when it’s one of those days when you haven’t slept all night, but fell asleep right five minutes before the alarm rang and the whole enchilada begun, including those 6 coffees to keep your eyes open.


P.S. There’s not one word of this piece that has been sponsored, it is all fruit of my dedication to the beautiful things the Italian way.