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How to master slow living in Miami


The beauty of Miami's winter comes in bits and pieces and it’s like slow life, almost comparable to spring blooming in Italy. There are no delicate violets or wild strawberries though, still palms and peacocks crossing the streets.

When the time for the Miami Beach Boat Show approaches, the atmosphere changes. As a good native from Viareggio, the luxury yacht capital of the world, as too Italian in America and too American in Italy, I like playing lady of the house for a week.

Talking about peacock-ing I feel like one of those stereotyped Pitti peacocks strutting down Collins Avenue and reading all those names like Azimut, Benetti, Mangusta, San Lorenzo and I find it difficult stopping that smile where pride meets “yep, I was born there”.

Two decades and a citizenship later, I feel entitled of a bit of snobbism. Overall, I wouldn’t be the suffragette of Italian style had I not moved to Florida. While living in Italy, I took it for granted. Not sure how Italians do it better came about, but it has over 250K posts on Instagram and I know it sounds a tad something from Ellis Island immigrant, but frankly, i find it hard to disagree.

To complete a Made in Italy panorama, when you stroll down Lincoln Road’s green market and find a booth with the most special yes simple and humble Italian products such as colatura di alici di Cetara (!), the true aged aceto balsamico e the Accademia Barilla’s olio di olive taggiasche, all you need is a bunch of fresh asparagus tips.

Without insisting and sounding a broken record, this goes to show that Italian style is made of everything, it’s style of life composed of traditions, artisanship, luxe, quality, time, a healthy laugh and humble elegance even in a piece of bread with olive oil.