This is not to be judgmental , but certain things you never do. I have compiled a list of what it would be much preferable for any woman of any age not to own or do. I swear, life would me much easier, simpler and grand without them lurking on our lives. 

DESIGNER PERFUMES: I have dedicated a chapter of the book to the joys of owning your own fragrance, that essence that precedes you, that makes people remember you, not sneeze nor get a sickening headache. There are fine fragrances, surely more expensive, but worth the life of a woman (and man).  

UGGS: with these I may win many enemies, but, to the same enemies, I'd love to ask when would I possibly wear them? And check very carefully the pictures above, before. 


HAIR CLIPS AND SCRUNCHIES: unless you are in the bathroom, they are not worth the $4 at the dollar store


CUBIC ZIRCONIA: it's not a question of owning diamonds and the shiny status, there are many precious and semi precious stones one should consider before being blinded by a cubic zirconia. 

DORM GEAR: there's one thing clear to me, all those sweat pants, Solo cups, Bed, Bath & Beyond bed sets shouldn't belong not even to college students. Cecilia is well aware of it. 

DYI NAIL ART: just no. 

TUBE TOPS: unless you are going to Coachella. 

OLD, UNKEPT, WORN OUT, PLEATHER SHOES: it's not a question of spending money, one pair of good shoes, kept in pristine conditions, polished are better that some squeaky shiny flammable army of them. 


LEGGINGS in any capacity that are not black and restricted in a gym. Unless your name is Cindy or Naomi.