Miami Upper east Side: how to rock a sustainable life

Life starts allover again when it gets crisp in the fall - Great Gatsby 


Nothing beats Miami's winters when the sun is paler, humidity cuts us some slack for a bit and we are the envy of pretty much the rest of the Nothern emisphere dealing with fashion weeks (glamour) and snow blizzards (not so). 

I'm in love with my new year's motto slow time like a newly married couple (is marriage still a thing?). 

Not I don't want to go all Sunday school on you with things like giving back to the community, sustainability, connect with nature, slow food, zero mile groceries, recycling, vintage ... I just did, I am sorry. 

Here's the thing, I love my new 'hood, we look alike like pup and owner in that scene from "101 Dalmatians" and I don't know if it's is because I am adapting to it or I moved into it because my life's vision became more determined.

It’s the chicken and the egg question and I’m not interested in answering it.

Miami’s Upper East Side extends from 38ish to 75 on Biscayne Boulevard, the other side of the pond. There's that ‘hood feel to it, as familiar that reminds me of when the knife grinder would pass by with his cart screaming his lungs out for attention.  No appointments, stiffness, uniforms, just commitment and zero waste. OMG, I am boring again.

It's a stretch of boulevard with an eclectic patchwork of street motels with mid-century modern signage, mom-and-pop stellar restaurants and more vintage stores than supermarkets. I see it as a Millennial infused environment in slow motion with things like the Saturday’s fresh market or, for the sophisticated palates, the chocolatier boutique across the street.

It’s a neighborhood where you go to the garage sale for the thrill of the bargain or because you never know who you’ll get to meet. How unusual is the place if I tell you that there are more vintage stores than supermarkets?

It’s the slow living movement response to luxurious and splurging living of across the bay’s Miami Beach.

Look, Miami Beach still stands to its reputation, bandage dresses, high heels, nightlife limelight, rivers of Vodka and limos (not that I partook in any of that). But Miami is not anymore only that and across the pond you can find answers to the new swagger wave I am talking about.

I am feeling an understated new style, international, educated, philanthropic, sustainable, not stuffy nor doctrinal, conscientious. It’s something of a new generation, far from LA and from NYC, it has a life on its own.

There's a cool to it is an unspoken allure of breaking the rules, a contradiction in terms that lands in the vicinity of ‘don’t take yourself too seriously’ the n.1 staple of Italian nonchalance.

There’s no trace of the dress-to-impress that Miami Vice has left in the collective imaginary, there’s no shop-till-you-drop so 2005 and passé’. It’s a hop and skip away from uniformity and conformism that goes by the idea that splurging is not the right thing to do. 

Isn't it all reminiscin of rule n.7 of The Cheat Sheet of Italian Style that says ‘but first shop in your closet’?