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18 secrets revealed on why you should switch wardrobe every 6 months

You know that morning when you wake up and it's 50 degrees and winter has arrived? In the north is the beginning of the season, down here in the south it's sudden, you don't really believe it will ever come and it lasts two to five days (when we are lucky). 

If you live in a place where summer is different than winter, you may think that what I am about to tell you it's the invention of the hot water.

think twice and I am sure you can come up with at least that one friend or family member that considers herself 'stylish' yet falls in the same trap of what happens in Miami, which kills me, by the way. 

Warning: you are entering the territory of my Edna Mode alter-ego, she is supposed to tell the dirty truth. 

People here, natives or not, barely own one pair of close toe shoes and never switch wardrobe because 'What for if it's always hot and there are no seasons'. 

I [Edna Mode] used to cringe and contain myself, shrug shoulders in despair and end up snearing top to bottom and try to unsee what I just did.

If you haven't lived elsewhere other than at a tropical zip code, winter is not a word in your vocabulary, there's no reason of changing wardrobes seasonally to retire the garments of the lethargic season, why should you even own a coat, a fur coat or a pair of boots for that matter? 

Truthfully, even if you live on the equator, or somewhere near, seasons change, the sun is still up at noon but its yellow warmth goes from feeble to vibrant, there will always be one phantomatic cold front hitting unexpectedly.

So why should you want to get caught unprepared another time around and layer that linen Guayabera-like top under the leather jacket, the one that smells like the mothballs somebody put in the pockets at one point and doesn't really zip up anymore? 

Do I sound malicious, mean, not empathetic and snobbish? My little Edna Mode in me here.

There are several reasons anthropological, cultural and sociological, and none is geographically validated. In fact we live in a connected world, cultures blend, languages spread at the speed of light, travel is as frequent and rapid as Taylor Swift goes through boyfriends.

Education is given for granted, available and covetable for many, you don't need anymore the expensive version of the Encyclopaedia Britannica to stand untouched on the shelves of the living room after has been paid for in installments, you Google what's the capital of Croatia or the weather forecast before booking your summer holiday.  

On which ground should you blindly cocoon yourself into the "there's no winter" excuse?

Said in other words, when sale season comes, snap a cashmere sweater and a pair of boots, instead of another streamline bag like the one that everyone else of your friends already has. 

So why should you switch the wardrobe twice a year? Your mindset has to softly transition from 'there's no need down here because we never have cold winters' to 'you must be ready for any occasion that may arise'. Remember 'one is never overdressed or overeducated' according to Oscar Wilde and we approve this message.

How to change mindset (and wardrobe subsequently)
  1. you don't get bored by finding the same things to choose from in the morning;
  2. every time you reopen those suitcases it's a new wardrobe that has been away from your eyes for half of the year; love at first sight
  3. you will fall in love again with what you have bought and not catapult you into shopping frenzies and buying piles of trendy high fashion stuff, spending the same budget of one great timeless piece. Those piles of trendy stuff mentioned above, will not be good anymore next season and they'll end up donated to your maid. I dare you tell me that I am not saying the truth, how many times it has already happened to you?
  4. do it methodically Labor Day weekend and April Fools Day;
  5. if you live in a hot, humid sub-tropical climate never opt for extreme living-on-a-glacier gear, unless it's one fab piece of the basics (will discuss them in detail next paragraph)
  6. invest in timeless pieces that will always appear in your closet the right season;
  7. Why should you constraint your life to a "I never go out anyways" or a "I never have a reason to travel"? : no slacking here in your life dreams.
  8. you must abide by one major rule: a closet without its quintessential pieces is not worth any penny you have spent on it.
Winter Basics 

They should be your go-to, you should start with these and everything will revolve around them. I promise. Or you can come back at me and i help you fix it. 

  1. the camel coat,
  2. the (faux) fur coat. I am not judging here, I respect and approve of every opinion. I am guilty as charged and own both 'species' of garments
  3. riding boots, think British Polo
  4. Beatles booties or desert boots, walks in the park can be romantic
  5. the cashmere boyfriend cardigan, navy or grey, if you have a boyfriend it's a deal, one less expense
  6. a wintery version of the LBD; 
  7. turtleneck, 
  8. leather skirt, preferably pencil, not talking about a latex mini one
  9. a suede something (vintage coat, mini skirt, jacket, blazer); how 70s I know, but think big
  10. a moto(rcycle) leather jacket, what if the boyfriend-to-be is a rocker (so that you know, moto leather jackets are cool when worn at a pub, not on the bikers reunion down to Key West. Signed Edna)

By the way, this is one conversation that is most likely to go down during a typical 'closet therapy' session, open heart face-to-face with your wardrobe that will eliminate that moment when you can't find the sweater when you need it.

Did my Edna Mode alter-ego convince you?

How can I help you further?