Not really the usual fashion blog here

"What do you do to always be dressed chic?" as an Italian in America I get that all the times, but that's not the point.

Here it's all about YOU, because if I can do it, YOU can do it too and your daily life will become easier and your self-esteem boosted.

  • Italian style fits everyone, it's a state of mind, there's no personal trainer or starving yourself to snug into that tight fitting curve-revealing garment.

  • To dress the Italian way, you first get the foundations (10 rules) and then it's all DYI, your style and personality.

  • The core lays where we never search: it's who you see in the mirror first.

It's time to share the secret ... not.

There's no secret as I have taken the mission to show everyone that Italian style is achievable if cultivated and it's all in a book that's coming out this September.

Meanwhile, keep abreast of all what's cooking

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Q: So what do people do with your website?

try not to be perfect

A:  Best bet is to start from what you do not.

If you are looking for prettiness, beauty, sponsored content or a rosary of different #ootd snapshots, we are the wrong fit.

Style is timeless and goes beyond trends and fades. It is the fruit of accumulation of experiences that make you comfortable with your skin. It is not about wearing what others wear. You need to believe in it. 

That's what you get here: the empowerment of the darling in you. I will give you the ingredients for your own bouquet of flowers.

History, arts, music, opera, books, nature, food, everything that surrounds you make who you are. 

An extra hint? Stand by your own icon, that person you have grown up thinking you'll become. You don't want to be the IT girl or wear the IT bag. 


Q: How do you achieve chic with no efforts?

Jane being Jane

Jane being Jane

A: Picture a French garden, a comfortable combination of manicured and man-shaped plants with wild bushes and flowers free to live their lives.

It's the path where symmetries are deliberately abandoned to real life. Nature offers seasons, colors, flowers and fruits, scents and essences to one's senses to enjoy and learn from. The joy of walking through well manicured hedges and blooming sauvage bushes favors beauty to the eye, delight to your smell, harmony to your hearing.

Now, imagine style like a well balanced garden. 

Your must haves, the rigueur of the basics of every woman's wardrobe, the LBD, your perfume, the navy pant suit, broken, interrupted, edited by the Art Deco brooch, the La Perla bodysuit or the white shirt.  Your flared jeans can either go with Birkin and platforms or woven bucket basket and baby. Curating your style is a balancing act.

A discerning eye and a knack for the unusual help with scouring the Christian Dior pillbox like a needle in a haystack. It's all in the eye and even if you have never tried it, you can do it. 

Q: You say it is all about keeping it simple?

the ideal white tee

A: Simple is sensual, sexy and attractive.

It makes the viewer drawn to you more, like a catalytic converter. Ever wondered why you will never find an Italian woman wearing matching earrings, dangling bangles and bling hardware? More likely you will find her wearing a full Giorgio Armani navy pant suit at the park playing in the sand-box with her daughter. 

She takes a glimpse at herself on the hallway mirror before leaving the house and, if what she sees is too lucubrate and constricted, it will get the no go. 

Investment pieces are forever and they include heirlooms floating from generation to generation, you know those hand embroidered bed linens and nightgowns from your grandmother's trousseau




Q. What's in the heels that flats don't have?

Viviana Valpolicella doing her THING ...

A: That dooming question you don't want to ask.

It is like reaching that age when you need to ask your parents if Santa still exists.

Heels are taken for granted: they come with driving permit and red lipstick. 

Who didn't play dress up on a Saturday night with grandmother sitting for parents' night out? "She will never know, before I put you to bed, we'll put everything back" my grandmother would whisper, and there I would strut with those black satin Bruno Magli and the Roberta di Camerino Bagonghi.  The question was lingering: 'She has all this bendidio and she never wears it. Insane. I can't wait till I grow up and I will buy myself only high heels and wear them all the time'.

My childish, innocent, she-doesn't-know-what-she-is-getting-herself-into thinking was refuted as soon as I became some wise age a woman never discloses.

Ballerina flats done right are the way to go: easy, simple and mostly as elegant as those black patent Tribute. No creepers though. Leave them to New Yorkers and their subway hikes. 

Q.: Do you really need to change wardrobe from winter to summer

 A: The changes of the four season bring joy, happiness, memories of the gifts under the tree or long tables of a cornucopia of foods. 

We don't have walking closets in Italy, we have armoires in our bedrooms, laundry rooms, hallways. Those chests of drawers in the attic contain alternatively bikinis and woolen tights with gloves. When the season is about to burst into the new one, that is usually in fall and spring, we go through 'il cambio degli armadi '.

The change of the armoires entails lots of time, a few sneezes at angora, feathers, dreading that minuscule bathing suit from last summer after having eaten too much comfort Nutella. It brings the joy of unfolding those white crisp cotton dresses or the camel cashmere coat and imagine them with the latest trends. 

It works wonders with cleansing, changing, moving, refreshing your daily wardrobe and prepare you to the new season. 

I like my money where I can see it: in my closet
— Carrie Bradshaw